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We love our guests. We have guests who have grown up with our family and now feel like part of our family. We have guests who have shared special events in their lives with us and guests who have just discovered our hotels and Villas but feel like its now their home away from home. We feel like our guests are part of our story, the story of how we grew, where we started from and where we are now. We want to say thank you to each and every loyal guests who chooses us every year (and sometimes more) for their holiday.

That is why we introduced The Lindian Collection loyalty reward program. Our points-based system allows guests who book directly with us to accrue points based on the number of nights that they stay with us. These points can then be cashed in, as and when our guests decide, as a discount from their accommodation cost.

With three different levels of discount to unlock (essential, prime and superior), you can log in when it suits you to check where you are up to and how much discount you've banked.
Collect your points
Lindian Collection

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