Situated 226 miles from the Greek mainland and just 11 miles from the coast of Turkey, Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese’s Islands. Rhodes boasts a rich History and is famous for its multiple invasions and occupations over the centuries, all of which have stamped an indelible and unique mark upon the Island and its Culture.

Rhodes Town, the capital of the Island, is situated at the very northernmost tip of the Island and sees an influx of hundreds of thousands of day trippers each year. Steeped in History, Rhodes Old Town is one of the oldest medieval sites still inhabited today. Visitors enjoy the various historical sites within the Old Town, the most famous being the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights. Patched together with Turkish Ottoman, Italian, Greek Orthodox and even Christian influence, Rhodes Town is rich in charm and character.

The Island also boasts a truly stunning coastline and resorts such as Faliraki and its miles of unspoiled sandy beach were the original draw for visitors during the 60's and 70's. Now popular resorts such as Ixia, Kolymbia, Lindos, Pefkos and Kiotari attract visitors to the Island throughout the summer months.

The Southernmost tip of the Island boasts a unique feature in that it is the meeting point for the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. This makes for perfect wind and kite surfing conditions and has created a truly dramatic coastline. The South of the Island in general is still beautifully unspoiled and very traditionally Greek although the locals still welcome tourists warmly and offer local products such as honey, souma and lace to visitors.

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